Kurnish is not merely for charity to the distressed, rather it is happiness redefined. It is an endeavour through which we can put our heart to make the hues of happiness reach their soul. It aims to be a part of the ever- widening thoughts and action. More...
You can discover happiness that lies within your heart by sharing joys among those who are ignored in our society.... almost forgotten in the ‘Rat Race’ of fast lives..... Happiness can be found only if one kindles the light. Kurnish puts on this light to see smiling faces everywhere.
Kurnish is going to organise Distribution of Winter Clothes & New Blankets to the distressed & under privileged workers of closed Tea Gardens in North Bengal.  Click for more details
* Underprivileged children

* Street Children

* HIV+ children

* Joys to Orphans

* Cloth distribution

* Aid to physically disabled

* Tricycles to handicapped

* Joy to senior citizens

* Community Service
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